About us

About MBA Sage

MBA Sage is a platform that connects MBA applicants with the target business schools’ current students and alumni. Applicants can find students that match their background and share similiar industry experience.

Using this platform, MBA applicants can avail mock interviews and receive feedback on their performance. We have successfully launched the platform for Indian School of Business already. We have over 75 ISB students-alumni on our platform and have conducted mock interviews with many applicants. Both applicants and students-alumni have rated our platform out of 10. Now, we have launched the platform for INSEAD. We plan to expand to other B schools nationally and internationally. We will also incorporate essay editing and feedback on this platform.

Why MBA sage

Because if you want to get an MBA from a business school, who else is better equipped to help you than a student from the same B School with experience in a similar industry. MBA Sage is built for the needs of applicants and for the convenience of students.

Benefits for applicants

  • Applicants can find students and alumni of their chosen B-schools with similar background and industry experience. This will help you tailor a winning story for your profile.
  • No need to pay hefty fees to consultants who are not abreast with the latest developments in the application process.
  • Mock interview practice drastically boosts your confidence and prepares your story for presentation to the AdCom of B-schools.

Benefits for students and alumni:

  • Helping others especially when you understand the difficulties with the application process. No one is better suited to guide an applicant with the B-school application journey than you.
  • This could be an additional source of income that can help you with your weekend parties.

Also, for every cent that we earn we will donate half towards the education of girls in India.

What are we doing next?

We are working on some new features for MBA Sage:

1. Adding more B-schools nationally and internationally

2. Essay editing and feedback service

3. A blog and discussion forum involving your peers.