Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully. If you have any doubts or questions regarding these policies, please contact MBA Sage at mymbasage@gmail.com.

This agreement is between MBA Sage and its customers where ‘MBA Sage’ represents the company, its employees, managers, partners, investors and all shareholders while ‘customers’ represents all the other users of the platform, including but not limited to – applicants for MBA admission and existing student/alumni from B-schools and all others that sign up on the MBA Sage platform.

Signing up on MBA Sage and using its services implies acceptance of these terms of service:

1. Both students/alumni and applicants that register on MBA Sage are the customers of MBA Sage and not employees of MBA Sage. MBA Sage is a marketplace business platform and MBA Sage cannot be held liable for any actions, promises or conduct of any applicant, student or alumnus either on or off the platform.

2. Applicants are liable to ensure correctness of the information and requirements shared on the platform, including but not limited to information in the resume, essays and information shared during interviews.

3. MBA Sage makes no promises or guarantees, implicit or explicit about the surety of results for any admission/employment program or organization due to use of the services (essay editing or mock interviews) of the platform.

4. MBA Sage cannot be held responsible for any denied admissions to any academic or professional program or any school or professional organization. Applicants are the sole owner of the risk that comes with using the feedback provided by the student/alumnus on or off the platform.

5. By signing up on the platform, you agree to our refund policies which are as follows:

  • We provide full refund of the amount of interview to the applicant if the interview has not been conducted or if an interview is conducted but feedback is not provided within 48 hours of conducting the interview.
  • A refund will be initiated by us within 3 working days of cancelling an interview. We will share the transaction number with the customer. The final time taken for the refunded amount to return to the customer’s bank account will depend on the customer’s bank and other factors not governed by MBA Sage.
  • In case of any dispute about the quality of interview and feedback, MBA Sage will be the sole authority in deciding the actions to be taken to settle the dispute. In such cases, MBA Sage will conduct an investigation into the matter and/or issue a full/partial/no refund as deemed fit

6. By signing up on the platform, you agree to our payment policies which are as follows:

  • MBA Sage will transfer the amount directly to the bank account of the student/alumnus within 72 hours after the interview is conducted and the feedback is provided from both sides.
  • In case feedback is provided by the student/alumnus but not by the applicant, MBA Sage will transfer the amount to the student’s/alumnus’ bank account 72 hours after the time of conducting the interview.
  • The student/alumnus must provide feedback within 48 hours of conducting the interview or else the money is refunded back to the applicant.
  • MBA Sage charges a 20% service fee on every transaction out of which half will be donated for the education of girls in India. Depending on your country and your bank account, students/alumni and applicants may have to bear a transaction charge levied by the bank and a tax levied by the government.

7. If needed, MBA Sage retains and will exercise the right to deny service to any applicant or student/alumnus without an explanation as to the reason of the denial. Such denial and banning from the platform can be due to misconduct or misuse of the platform.

8. By signing up on MBA Sage you agree to be approached by MBA Sage for further services or to provide/request relevant information. You may request in writing that MBA Sage shall not use your information to contact you.

9. MBA Sage retains all the rights to hold and use (after removing references to personal identity) all User Generated Content and otherwise, shared on the platform or over any communication channel with MBA Sage. This includes, but is not limited to resumes, essays and interview feedbacks and emails.

10. Use of the Internet, the MBA Sage site and services is solely at customers’ own risk. The confidentiality of any communications or materials transmitted through the site cannot be guaranteed. MBA Sage is not responsible for the security of any information transmitted through the Internet, the accuracy of the information contained on the site, or for the consequences of any reliance on such information. Customers assume sole and complete risk for using MBA Sage’s site and services. While MBA Sage protects user data at the maximum extent possible, it provides no guarantee of the level/nature of protection.


Customers agree to indemnify and hold MBA Sage, and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, managers, members, officers, employees, agents and other representatives harmless from and against any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out the use of MBA Sage’s services, site, violation of the Terms of Service or violation of any rights of a third party.


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Permission to use the information on this website is granted subject to the following conditions:

Individuals involved in MBA Sage’s services may quote from this web site provided the material in which it is quoted contains the following notice:

“This information is provided by MBA Sage. Further information is available at www.mymbasage.com or via e-mail at mymbasage@gmail.com”

In addition, such individuals may reproduce pages from this web site and distribute them provided the reproductions contain the MBA Sage logo graphic at the top of each and a link back to this site.

On meeting such conditions, MBA Sage grants permission to link freely to this web site.

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