Cornell MBA interview questions

Cornell MBA Interview Questions

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What questions are asked in the Cornell MBA Interview?​

Cornell conducts blind interviews for their MBA program which means that the Cornell MBA interview questions are often prepared ad – hoc by the interviewer as the interviewer hasn’t seen the applicant’s profile before the interview.

This is why we have developed this compilation of Cornell interview questions from the previous Cornell MBA interview experiences of applicants. We’ve compiled 30+ Cornell interview questions across different categories such as:

1. Introductory questions of the interview
2. Common MBA interview questions – Why Cornell? Why do you want to do an MBA? Why now? and more
3. MBA interview questions related to applicant’s work experience
4. Cornell interview questions focusing on the personal aspects of an applicant’s profile – hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
5. Interview questions focusing on Leadership, Team Management
and more…

Cornell MBA Mock Interview Practice with Cornell Students and Alumni

The best preparation strategy for acing a Cornell MBA interview is to conduct mock interviews with Cornell MBA students and alumni.

They understand what Cornell is looking for in their MBA applicants and they can ask targeted questions to an applicant (you) and give personalized feedback based on your profile.

To practice mock interviews with over 20+ Cornell MBA students and alumni, sign up on – MBA Sage

We have already conducted 40+ mock interviews successfully and the applicants that have prepared with us rated us 9.71 on an average on our platform.


Consultant at MBA SAGE
My goal post ISB was to get into consulting. Most of my interview preparation was focused towards that. I already had a very good grip on the work experience aspect of my profile. I wanted to prepare myself to face the questions about my goal of being a consultant.
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