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Who will review the essays?

We are offering an essay review service where you (the applicants) can get your essays reviewed by current students and alumni of your target MBA schools. You can sign up as an applicant on our website and browse the profiles of these students and alumni. We let you choose a mentor that matches your background.

Here are some of our mentors from INSEAD – INSEAD Students and Alumni on MBA Sage

What are the available packages?

We offer two packages for our essay review service.

1. Single session package

  • Who should avail this service?
    If you have already written your essays and want final feedback on the storyline.
  • What do you get in this package?
    A single essay review session with your chosen student/alumnus where you get feedback on your essays and recommendations on how to improve them.
  • What is the cost?
    For Indian business schools: Rs. 5000 per application
    For international business schools: USD 100 per application

2. Comprehensive 3-session package

  • Who should avail this service?
    If you are still working on your essays and need comprehensive one to one guidance over multiple sessions. We recommend you to avail this service when you have at least 2 – 3 weeks at hand before the application deadline.
  • What do you get in this package?
    You get 3 sessions with your chosen student/alumnus. You will need to share your resume and draft essays with your chosen student/alumnus. Each session will help you iteratively improve your application in the following ways:

    Session 1 will start with a discussion to understand your profile in depth. You will receive guidance on how to shape your MBA story and the changes required to convey it in your essays.

    Session 2 
    will start with a review of the rewritten essays as per the feedback from the first session. This will help you polish the structure and content of your essays.

    Session 3
     will be a final review of your essay before submission.

  • What is the cost?
    For Indian business schools – Rs. 10,000 per application
    For international business schools – USD 200 per application

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Consultant at MBA SAGE
My goal post ISB was to get into consulting. Most of my interview preparation was focused towards that. I already had a very good grip on the work experience aspect of my profile. I wanted to prepare myself to face the questions about my goal of being a consultant.
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