INSEAD Interview Experience | 13 Descriptive Debriefs Compilation

INSEAD Interview Experiences, Debriefs and Transcripts Collection

This is a compilation of all the INSEAD interview experiences shared by applicants throughout the web. We’ve included 13 descriptive debriefs to help you get a clear idea of what to expect in the INSEAD interview.

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What to expect in the INSEAD interview?

Interviews at INSEAD are invite – only, often blind and often casual interviews. This means that only a selected few applicants receive an interview invite from INSEAD. Applicants are allotted 2 interviewers that they have to reach out to and schedule an interview with. These interviewers might or might not have gone through the applicant’s profile before conducting the interview. Hence, INSEAD interviews are often blind interviews as well. 

An interview could happen either at the interviewer’s office or at a casual setting location like a cafe or a restaurant. The attire for the interview largely depends on the setting of the location and also the interviewer’s preferences.

To read more about INSEAD interviews, how they are conducted and how to prepare for an INSEAD interview, you can read out article on INSEAD interview preparation.

The article has two different parts and it focuses on different aspects of INSEAD interviews such as INSEAD interview questions, INSEAD interview experiences and necessary information about the interview.

Practice mock interviews with INSEAD students and alumni

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You can read another INSEAD interview experience of a successful applicant here – INSEAD interview experience of an IT + entrepreneur + VC applicant.

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