INSEAD Interview Preparation – Part 2: Interview Experiences, Interview Questions & Preparation Strategy

INSEAD Interview Preparation – Part 2: Interview Experiences, Interview Questions & Preparation Strategy

This is the second part of our 2 part blog series on INSEAD interview preparation.

In the first part, we focused solely on must – read information about the INSEAD interview.

In this part, we focus on the actual INSEAD interview preparation, that comprises of:
1. INSEAD Interview experiences
2. INSEAD interview preparation strategy and tips
3. List of interview questions and exercise of preparing answers

1. INSEAD Interview Experiences

Reading the actual interview experiences of applicants will help you get a clear visualization of what exactly an INSEAD interview looks like.

We’ve compiled 13 descriptive INSEAD interview debriefs so that you get the real talk straight from the horse’s mouth.

Since interview debriefs tend to be lengthy, we have put these into a separate article. You can read that article by clicking on the button below:

2. INSEAD Interview Preparation Strategy & Tips

To prepare for the INSEAD interview, you must first understand why INSEAD conducts an interview. In a nutshell, the answer is – Verification and Engagement.

Taking an interview with an alumni helps verify that you are the same person as mentioned in the application. The alumni are the eyes and ears of the school on the ground. They help in highlighting any red flags about an applicant that weren’t conveyed through the application itself.

INSEAD already ‘likes’ your profile when they invite you for an interview. The objective of the interview is to engage you with the alumni to check your level of engagement. Not only are you expected to answer the questions asked to you, you should also ask questions from your side. This shows your interest in the school. Take this as a chance to find out more about the program. The interviewer wants to see that you are excited to be an INSEADer and you have thought through your decision of being one.


Next, you should consider the factors that INSEAD is looking for in an applicant through the interview. Some of these are:

  1. Leadership and team management.
  2. Excellent academic and career progression
  3. International exposure and motivation to work internationally

As an applicant, you must show the interviewer that you have all the traits they are looking for. For this, it is important to share anecdotes and real life examples to the questions asked by interviewers.

Not only that, an applicant is also expected to ask questions of their own as it reflects their interest in the school. For this reason, it is always advisable to do a complete background research on your interviewers and preparing a set of questions to ask them before going for the interview.

3. Interview Questions and Mock Interview Practice

The last step and most important step to a successful INSEAD interview is practice.

For this, an applicant should first come up with their own set of expected questions for their profile and prepare answers to these questions.

After that, they can practice mock interviews to hone their skills of appearing for an interview and plug any loops in their MBA story.

To help with this, we have compiled a list of 50+ INSEAD interview questions that are categorized into different types based on INSEAD’s intention behind asking these questions. As an applicant, you can conduct an exercise of going through these questions and preparing your answers, anecdotes or notes on them. This document will then be a personification of your MBA story.

Next, you can practice mock interviews with INSEAD students and alumni on our website itself.

We have a pool of over 60 INSEADers coming from different countries and industry backgrounds. You can browse these profiles, filter them across industries and see their LinkedIn profiles as well. When you find someone that fits you the best, you can book a mock interview with that INSEADer.


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