INSEAD Interview Questions – 50+ Interview Questions Compiled & Categorized

INSEAD Interview Questions - 50+ Interview Questions Compiled & Categorized

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What does this document contain?

This is a compilation of different INSEAD interview questions. We’ve categorized these questions into different types and mentioned some tips shared by successful admits for preparing answers to these questions.

This spreadsheet can be used as an exercise workbook. Applicants can flesh it with their own answers to each interview question to create a consistent, rich and compelling MBA story for your INSEAD application. 

What type of questions are asked at INSEAD?

We’ve compiled and categorized the interview questions asked at INSEAD into 11 different categories:

1. Conversation starter interview questions
2. Questions based around the topic – Why MBA?
3. Questions based around the topic – Why INSEAD?
4. Why do you want to do an MBA now? (At this point of your career)
5. Questions about work experience and personal hobbies/interests
6. Questions about an applicant’s personality – Strengths, Weaknesses, etc.
7. Questions on Leadership and Team Management traits in the applicant
8. Questions to assess the applicant’s domain knowledge and academic rigor
9. Questions about applicant’s contribution to INSEAD
10. Questions about applicant’s international exposure
11. Final interview questions

The document contains 50+ INSEAD interview questions across these 11 categories.

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