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ISB YLP Essay Topics

ISB YLP admission occurs in 3 stages. Stage 1 involves submitting 1 essay while stage 2 involves submitting another set of essays.

Here are some of the ISB YLP essay topics:

1. Write about an incident or set of incidents in your life that had the most profound influence on you. While writing this essay briefly mention the incident and the impact it has had on your life (300 words max)

2. How would you describe yourself as a person and what are the two qualities/skills/attributes that you wish to further develop in yourself through the ISB YLP? (300 words max)

3. How do you see your career developing and how will ISB help you achieve your goals?

Profile required for ISB YLP

At MBA Sage, we’ve seen applicants from all sorts of backgrounds get an admission to the ISB YLP. You could be from Engineering, Medicine, Accounting, Media/Communication or even an NGO background and you still have a chance at securing an admission to ISB YLP.

What is ISB YLP looking for?

The first thing ISB YLP is looking for is Leadership.
As the website states, the ISB YLP is looking for young undergraduates that have the potential of being a future leader.

Accordingly, to secure an admission, you must showcase yourself as a leader through your application form and in your essays.

The application form is a good place to share as many leadership positions, extra curricular activities and any relevant ‘spike’ you have seen in your academic life so far.

Applicants mention their participation in fests, the position they have held in different organisation within their college and also about any external events they have participated in outside their college.

The second most important thing is Clarity.
An applicant must be able to create a compelling case for their admission to ISB.

This implies that if you solely mention how studying at ISB will be a great experience for you, then it won’t be enough. Rather, you should aim at showing your ‘fit’ with ISB.

This can be done by showing how ISB fits in the career plans you have.

First, you must state your current area of interest and justify it. Applicants mention their current academic and work experience (internships).

Next, you can mention what you want to achieve post your MBA in the industry you have shown interest in.

The last step is to show how ISB can bridge the gap between your present and your future. For this, you can mention the relevant courses you would like to study at ISB. You can also mention about clubs/department that you could be part of at ISB. In a way, you’re supposed to create a clear picture of what you envision your life at ISB as.

The more you research about ISB, the more you can understand how you can write an essay that is deep.

Connect with ISB Students and Alumni

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Our mentors have experience in helping applicants with their essays and interview preparation.

Plus, we also ensure that you get connected to mentors that have a similar story as yours (same college / industry / work experience)

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