Mock MBA interviews with students and alumni of top MBA schools

  1. Our website has students and alumni from business schools like ISB Hyderabad, INSEAD, IIM ABC, HEC Paris, Cornell and more. They come from different industries and countries. These students and alumni will conduct your mock interviews.

  2.  Sign up (it’s free!), browse profiles, and choose whoever fits you the best for your mock MBA interviews. 
    Our website helps you filter profiles based on:
    * School
    * Year of Graduation
    * Cost per session
    * Industry of work
    * Past ratings received by the interviewer from previous applicants for other mock MBA interviews
    You can also view the LinkedIn profiles of the interviewers.
  3.  Book your session on your preferred date and time through our secure payment gateway. You can share your resume, essays and application with the interviewer securely through our website. 
  4.  Your interview will be conducted over a Skype video call or any other medium mutually agreed by both parties.

1. Your interviewer has a similar profile to yours so you’ll be asked questions specific to your profile. Be prepared to get grilled and face questions that expose loopholes in your MBA story.

2. Your interviewer was once an applicant and they managed to secure an admit! They will be well placed to give you feedback on your answers. You’ll learn how to give compelling and convincing responses to the interview panel.

3. You can ask all the doubts that you have – specific questions that you find challenging or the weaknesses in your profile that you need to avoid.

4. Practice makes you perfect. Previous applicants have reported that mock MBA interviews boosted their confidence significantly. Plus, a mock interview gives you the chance to make mistakes that you can avoid in the final interview.

5. Our costs are significantly lower than any education consultant. Yet, our services are more personalized and targeted to your profile.

6. Your connection with your interviewer remains even after the interview is done. If nothing else, this is your chance to network with future business leaders of top MBA schools.

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Consultant at MBA SAGE
My goal post ISB was to get into consulting. Most of my interview preparation was focused towards that. I already had a very good grip on the work experience aspect of my profile. I wanted to prepare myself to face the questions about my goal of being a consultant.
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