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At MBA Sage, we’ve compiled a document on Stanford GSB interview questions that were asked in the previous Stanford MBA Interviews. This document can help applicants understand what to expect in the Stanford interview

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What kind of questions are included in the document?

Here is a list of categories across which the Stanford GSB interview questions are commonly asked. These questions and categories are compiled from Stanford interview experiences and divided into different categories:

  1. Questions to understand the diversity potential or the overall development activities of the applicant.
  2. Questions focusing on the career trajectory of the applicant and their MBA story
  3. Questions to understand the personality traits of an applicant
  4. Questions focusing on applicant’s choice of Stanford for the MBA

What is the Interview Process for the Stanford MBA Interview?

  • Interview invites are rolled out by the admission council over email and applicants are asked to register on the portal and accept the invite to know the names of their interviewers.
  • The applicant gets a window of 7-10 days to work together with the interviewer to finalize the date, time and location and conduct the interview.
  • If an applicant is not located in a major city where a Stanford alumnus resides, the applicant might have to travel to the nearest city where the interviewer is available.
  • From past experience of previous applicants, interviews are known to be conducted at the interviewer’s office or at a café nearby.
  • Post the interview, the interviewer submits a written assessment to the admission council

Mock Interviews Practice for Stanford GSB MBA Interviews:

The best way to prepare for a Stanford MBA interview is to practice with Stanford students and alumni.

Being from the same school, they can conduct mock interviews for applicants and ask highly targeted and personalized Stanford GSB interview questions based on the applicant’s profile and their fit with Stanford.
Not only that, students and alumni can also give tips on how to prepare for the interview and share their feedback on how to perform better in the interview.

MBA Sage connects YOU, the applicant, with the students and alumni of Stanford GSB for practicing mock interviews. Applicants can choose a mentor that suits them best from our platform and get mock interviews and feedback.

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