Welcome Aboard – MBA Sage | For Students and Alumni of Top B Schools

Welcome Aboard - MBA Sage | For Students and Alumni of Top B Schools

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a student or an alumnus of one of the top 30 Business schools that we are currently onboarding on our platform.

You must have doubts and questions of course.

This post is to explain you EVERYTHING within 5 minutes and get you signed up on our platform.

1. What is MBA Sage?

MBA Sage is a platform that connects MBA applicants to YOU – the students and alumni of the applicant’s target business school.
You can sign up on MBA Sage as a student/alumnus of your B school and you can conduct mock interviews of the applicants applying to these B schools. You will be paid for every mock interview you conduct.

2. How much is the payout per interview?

You can decide your own rate per interview.
If you’re from an Indian B School, you can charge anywhere between INR 4000 to INR 8000 per interview.
If you’re from a B school outside India, you can charge from $75 to $200 per interview.
Whatever amount you charge, we take:
A 10% commission that is donated for the education of girls in India
Another 10% commission is what we charge for our service
And 2-5% is charged by banks/paypal while depositing the money to your account.
You can expect at least 75% of the amount you charge, to be deposited to your account.

3. What’s my obligation to the applicant?

Only three things:
1. You have to spend a minimum of 1 hour with the applicant during the session.
You can spend more if you think it is needed but 1 hour is the minimum. It is upto you to decide the questions you want to ask and the structure you want to follow in the interview.
2. After the interview, you have to provide feedback to the applicant over the platform.
Your feedback will be the real help that you provide the applicant through the mock interview.
3. After an interview, the applicant will rate you out of 10 points and you must maintain an average rating of 6 or above to continue on the platform.

4. How are these mocks scheduled and conducted?

Once you sign up, applicants can see your profile on the platform. If an applicant books an interview with you, you will receive an email from us mentioning about the interview request.
You can always accept, reject or reschedule an interview invite any time before actually conducting the interview. You’ll have options to do that inside your account in the website.
If you accept or reschedule an interview request, we will exchange your email address with the applicant. You can then conduct the interview over Skype or any other mutually preferred medium.

5. How do I sign up?

You need your official school email id to sign up.

Still have doubts? Contact us on +91 – 7997083767 (Aakrit Patel) or on mymbasage@gmail.com and we can get on a call to get you on board!

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